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Tag/Concept: Smooth

When someone doesn't have body hair. Ideally naturally hairless, but also applies to shaved skin.

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BBBH: Nothing quite as pleasing as a tight bubble butt clenching around your dick ;)

BBBH: Legs up and spread for some raunchy tongue action ;)

MalePrime: Young, handsome men look gorgeous. Fully clothed or not. ;)

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SpunkBud: Awesome cock!

SpunkBud: So fucking sexy! The things I’d do to that butt…

HotNakedMuscle: That’s my kind of party

SpunkBud: Something caught your eye?

SpunkBud: Got you horny yet?

BBBH: That’s a whole lot of cock… do you think he can handle it?

MalePrime: Young, smooth sexy bodies!

BBBH: I love how you can see the anticipation in the bottom’s face, he must want that cock really bad!

SpunkBud: Smooth and sexy

MalePrime: Consider me smitten

HotNakedMuscle: Young muscle hunks are so damn hot!

MalePrime: Pure male beauty

SpunkBud: See something you like?

BBBH: Just how much fun do you think they’re having?