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Date Released:  2020-12-16
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Austin Young is always looking for ways to help out. So when Coach Killian Knox asked him to assist in decorating the school for Christmas, the young twink was more than willing to lend a helping hand.

With a reminder to be quiet, Coach Knox quickly peels off Austin's shirt and kisses down his hairless torso, groping his growing bulge. He soon has Austin's dick out and in his mouth, while Austin moans above him.

"Sssh we're at school!" Coach Knox reminds the horny boy. After more sucking, he strips down to just his old, worn jockstrap. Still in his shoes, he bends over to give Austin full access to his hole.

Mounting the bigger man, the twink starts driving in deep and fast. Sensing that the boy is about to cum, Coach Knox begs to be filled up. Austin complies, filling Coach Knox's ass with his thick load.

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