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Date Released:  2020-12-02
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Coach Myles Landon has been looking forward to Austin Young's smooth, toned body all day. Now that they're finally alone together, Austin is naked beneath him, and Coach has his dick right at Austin's hole. But then...

"I want to fuck you today," the twink says to the muscle daddy.

Coach is intrigued by this reversal, especially when Austin demands that he turn around and ride him. Sitting on the boy's cock gets Coach Landon rock hard, and he gets even more excited when he gets on his back, thick thighs up and around Austin's slim frame, taking this younger man's dick hard and bareback.

Austin can't stop talking about how tight Coach is, feeling the muscled ass squeeze his dick with every thrust. It's enough to get him close to the edge, and then Coach tells him if he wants to pass, he'd better blow a load deep in his hole.

That's all Austin needs to hear, prompting him to shoot rope after rope of his thick boy cum into the older man, giving him the creampie that Coach usually gives to Austin after every practice!

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