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Date Released:  2020-10-07
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Bringing in four of his sexy recruits, he puts himself in the middle of an all-twink fuck fest, splaying out on his bed to let his horny, passionate boys go wild on his body! The handsome, scruffy, older man can't get enough of their beautiful, smooth, lean bodies; feeling their soft skin rub against his, and bringing his cock to a full throb!

The young men have no problem sharing. Having played together on a team, practicing together, exercising together, and exploring their top urges side by side, they're more than happy to pass Robles' hard cock and round, furry ass back and forth to each other! They take turns sucking his cock, eating his daddy hole, and getting him ready for a hot, energetic gangbang...

Lying on his back with a cock filling his mouth, Robles opens his hole for each boy, feeling their bare meat sliding into his hungry hole. He's amazed just how intensely his young champs fuck him, showing off their youth and vitality with each deep thrust into his body. Robles may be a bit older than them, but he's more than capable of taking each of their hard poundings!

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