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Date Released:  2020-09-23
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As soon as August's hands touched Austin's skin, the young man felt completely at ease. The slick oil moved over his flesh, giving August the smooth pressure needed to make Austin's legs melt. As he moved up closer to Austin's butt, August could tell Austin was getting a little worked up from his massage...

It didn't take much for Austin's cock to fall out of his shorts and into August's mouth. The young man didn't seem to mind, growing increasingly hard as August began to swallow his meat down. And when Austin looked down, he could see August's massive cock falling out of his shorts as well.

The two men took off what little clothing they had on, leaving them completely stripped and exposed to each other for the first time. Austin watched as August lied back on the massage table, spreading his long legs apart for him. Without saying a word, instinct kicked in and Austin mounted up behind him, readying himself to take the big man's bare ass...

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