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Date Released:  2020-09-09
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Coach Angus placed the boy on the floor and turned himself around, giving him a closer look at the hole deep between his big ass cheeks. Lucas' mouth watered, staring at the man's tight hole, desperate for a taste. He leaned his neck forward, pressing his face between his meaty man mounds, licking at him with intensity and fervor that made Coach Angus moan onto the boy's cock!

All it took was a few laps of his sphincter before Lucas was ready to mount up on him, feeling his rock hard shaft press between cheeks. Lowering himself down slowly, he watched with great delight as Lucas' face reacted to the feeling of his hot hole wrapping around him. Once he got past the head, Lucas was mouth agape, overcome from the intense pleasure the older man was giving him.

This was everything Coach Angus loved about being fucked by young guys! Their excitement. Their enthusiasm. Their natural talent for getting hard and loading up a tight hole. He was determined to milk him and carry his load inside. And he could see from the fire in Lucas' eyes that he wanted the same thing...

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