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Date Released:  2020-08-12
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The three boys laid on the older man's bed, presenting their hot asses up like cakes on a tray! Coach Landon felt his heart race, excited at the chance to taste each one, and not sure where to start...

Cole and Austin watched on as their friend got bred by the bare cock of their coach, stroking each other's cocks and making out as the air became thick with their masculine pheromones. But as Coach Landon thrust his cock into Marcus' hungry hole, they couldn't take their eyes off the older man's smooth muscular ass.

It was round and strong, clearly capable of taking a good fuck! And as Landon shot his load all over Marcus, they were happy to hear that the coach wanted to give them a go on his daddy ass!

With his cock still raging hard, Coach Landon smiled as Cole positioned himself behind him, watching on his back as the beautiful, young man pressed his thick cock between the coach's cheeks. Marcus provided a string of spit on his hole to help ease it in, and with a gentle push, Coach Landon felt the hot jock fill his ass!

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