Zack Grayson & Brandon Blake BAREBACK in Omaha @

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Date Filmed:  2015-08-03
Date Released:  2019-07-10
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Brandon spots the handsome concierge of his Omaha hotel, catching his eye as he checks in and notices some flirty, lingering glances. Zack is attentive and friendly and Brandon is curious to see just how accommodating he can be.

He orders up some extra towels to his room, knowing that the handsome young man would be the one to deliver. And sure enough, when he answers the door to his room, Zack is there, ready to be of service. Brandon stands in just a towel with nothing else on him, so the only tip he has to give is the one bulging between his legs.

Brandon is eager to take Zack's cock into his mouth, dropping to his needs to give it a thorough suck. Zack then strips him down on his bed, taking off his uniform to reveal his slender body and hard cock. Brandon swallows Zack's thick meat expertly, giving him an intense rush of pleasure with each bob of his head.

Brandon turns around, giving Zack the chance to feast on his hole like it was freshly delivered room service! Zack then puts Brandon and his back and gives him raw cock deep in his ass, fucking him hard to completion before loading him up!

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