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Date Released:  2021-10-06
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A tall, skinny guy in a jockstrap squats on the floor of a seedy French club. Emilio is dark and broodingly handsome. He waits patiently...

A man wearing a bandana and trainers enters the space and hovers over the twink, pulling his hard dick out of his shiny track pants. Seb knows what he wants, and it's on the floor in front of him.

He moves to the front of Emilio and thrusts his meat into the slutty, slave boy's mouth. Emilio dutifully gets busy real quick, sucking his new master's meat like he's already addicted.

A third man in sports gear arrives. Morgan is seriously sexy; black and built like a brick house with an enormous dick.

Emilio shuffles over to Morgan and starts to suck him off. Within seconds, Morgan is face-fucking Emilio, hand on the back of the bottom boy's head, relentlessly and cruelly thrusting his massive meat down his throat.

Emilio hungrily services both men in turn, and, for a while, even gets both dicks into his mouth at the same time.

Morgan sits behind Emilio, and lubes his ass for fucking...

But it's Seb who does the deed. He pulls Emilio to his feet, stands behind and rams his dick inside him, banging like a piston - hard, fast, masculine and nasty - with little regard for the comfort of his slave, who gasps and groans.

Morgan feeds his dick into Emilio's mouth as the anal onslaught continues. Seb eventually pulls out and all three men jerk themselves off. Morgan, standing over Emilio, shoots his thick man-load first, all over Emilio's shoulder. Seb immediately follows suit, spraying his semen all over Emilio's back.

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