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Date Released:  2020-03-25
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Pickwik waits in his little cubby, bent over with his lubed up hole perfectly presented as he waits for a hot dom to take him hard. Hard Master loves seeing a horny bottom, open and ready for a thick cock to push inside. Hard Master strokes his big, uncut meat, watching as Pickwik gets hungrier by the minute.

It doesn't take long before the giant member needs to be swallowed down, giving Pickwik the meal he's been waiting for! Taking Hard Master's cock in his hand, Pickwik slobbers all over it as he worships his massive tool; getting it hard and wet before it pounds deep inside him. Hard Master feels his balls buzzing with a hot load, aching to be shot off into a tight hole.

Turning Pickwik around, Hard Master slides his cock hard into his bottom's hole, watching as it slides inside without any hesitation or resistance. The whore bottom knows just how to submit to the dominant top, arching his back to take every inch of Hard Master's hot cock!

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