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Date Released:  2020-03-18
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It's hard to beat the beautiful, sunny day that Max and Anthony find themselves in. They love feeling the warm rays of sun on their skin, enjoying the breeze, and getting away from the busier areas of their city. But the one thing that Max truly can't resist is the urge to get out a good afternoon nut!

Pulling down his shorts, he offers up his hard cock for Anthony to swallow and savour. Anthony wastes no time taking his buddy's shaft into his throat, turned on by the open air around them. Max gets his finger wet to play with Anthony's hole, knowing that he's going to fuck him as soon as he gets enough of his spit on his knob.

With nothing around them but corn stalks, the two boys feel like pigs on a farm, fucking and sucking without a care in the world; concerned only about how much of their own seed they can can spread!

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