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Date Released:  2021-04-02
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I wanted to see Denver take on the massage table, and with Aiden being a terrific Bottom, he was perfect to be rubbed down.

Denver really jumped in and lead the way. He oiled up Aiden, but quickly became fascinated with his ass. He plays with his hole and strokes his cock.

He wasn't quite hard yet, so he rolled Aiden over and face fucked him until he was hard. Denver then moved down and sucked on Aiden then rimming his hole.

He had Aiden in a perfect position and slid his cock inside of him. My favorite is watching him roll Aiden up on the table and pound into him. He even manages for a bit to suck on Aiden's cock while fucking him.

Aiden needed a little break and the two 69-sucked, then Aiden got off the table and started to really service Denver's cock.

Once fully hard, Aiden climbed on top and road him. Denver even fucked him hard in this position too!

The cum shots in this are amazing too! Lots of great angles, and Aiden busted a huge creamy load while Denver fucked him. Cum flew everywhere and really showed up nicely on the black blanket.

Denver juiced his hole, fucking the cum deep inside!

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